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2020 Summer Reading Program

Due to the Coronavirus this year’s program will be run differently.  At this time the library is providing curbside pick-up and therefore all activities will be done through this type of service.


      The Summer Reading Program is open to children ages 3-11.  There will be one major raffle at the end of the summer with tickets given out for every 15 minutes a child reads and for completing other activities.  A $25 Barnes and Noble gift card and various other items will be raffled off.  (This has been modified and will look different from past years.)  The library staff will fill out the tickets for you and place them in the one raffle container.

               Weeks July 6 and July 13: Pick up your Take Home Activity Packet #1 during regular library hours.  Look for the Summer Reading Program table outside.

During the month of July write letters to Page, the bookworm, and she’ll write back.  (Little ones can draw pictures.)  Leave letters in the DVD Return box.  Be sure to enclose letters in an envelope.  Earn two tickets for each letter.

               Week of August 3: Pick up your Take Home Activity Packet # 2 during regular library hours.  Look for the Summer Reading Program table outside.

During August, check out Library Lawn and read the riddle of the week.  Earn a ticket for each correct answer.  Answer sheet in packet.

      All reading records and riddle answers must be handed in by August 22nd.  Place in DVD Return Box enclosed in an envelope.  Raffle drawings will take place during the week of August 24th.

* Art supplies in the Take Home Activity Packets were purchased through a grant from the Granville Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. 

Granville Public Library Hours:

Monday 3-8

Wednesday 3-8

Thursday 5-8

Saturday 10-12

The 2020 Summer Reading Program is sponsored by the Granville Public Library, the Granville Library Club, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Collaborative Summer Reading Program and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.



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