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Browsing service available.  (See CoVid Restrictions BELOW)


Monday: 10-12  &  5-8 pm

Wednesday: 3-8 pm

Thursday: 10-12 & 3-6 pm

Saturday: 10-12 pm​

Enter a world of words and sentences, visuals and information. At Granville Public Library, you’ll find books, magazines, digital collections - and above all, a librarian eager to help you through your journey.

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COVID19  Guidelines

We are open browsing with restrictions due to ongoing pandemic.

Browsing- Visiting  or Curbside  Supporting Our Patrons

We have resumed browsing services as of January 30, 2021

We are open for in person browsing or curbside service, which ever you need. 

Upon arrival at the Library you will be asked to stop, sanitize your hands, and ask if there is already 3 people in the building. We welcome your visit.  CURBSIDE WILL CONTINUE FOR ALL normal HOURS.

  • At this time, if necessary, there is a 30-minute browsing limit.

  • Masks, properly covering nose and mouth, must be worn at all times

  • Maintain 6 ft. safety distance. Check out will be through the screen at the counter.

Open Book


The Library is your "GO TO" place for COMMUNITY resources. Let us help you find what you need. Suggestions? Email us by Clicking Here

College Scholarships: Check out this link for a great link supplied by a community member. Click Here. 

Covid-19 Vaccinations: Massachusetts portal- Click Here

IRS Federal Tax Forms and Instructions. Though we have 1040 forms in the library, if you need more information, Click Here. 

Pathways for Parents: Guiding Parents, Educating for Children, Providing Resources to Families- Free Programs Click Here for monthly calendar.  


History is in our veins-

Learn more about how you can search your own families History.

See our History Page for more information.

Thanks to volunteers, we are the process of making our Historical Collection Digital.

This site is a joint project of the Granville Public Library Historical Room and the Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation, located in Granville, Massachusetts. Our goal is to digitally preserve and share Granville history.

Pile Of Books

Requesting books for curbside pick up. 


1. Search using The CW MARS Catalog 

2.  When you find the book(s) you want, you can one of two things.

  • Click on the big Green Check mark that says "Place Hold" or

  • Click the icon of the Green Basket, that says adds to basket.

  • A) If you Place a Hold, the computer will bring you directly to the screen which asks for your library card information. 

  • B) If you build a basket, You can keep searching. Notice the top right corner has a green basket. This is like a shopping cart. When ready, click on the green basket on the top to see your whole cart.   When you go into your cart, you will have to choose from the drop down menu, " More Actions."

  • Your can add or remove from the list, as it is temporary.  But make sure all the books you want to put on hold are checked in blue. Choose "Place Hold" from the drop down menu and hit the "Go" button. Then  follow the directions. 

If you have difficulties, Send a request via email to illgv@cwmars.org or call, 413-357-8531, with the following information (email preferred):

  • Name and/or Library Card # 

  • Items you would like and what format you would like them in (book, audiobook, DVD, etc).

  • Either way, you will be notified when they are ready for pick up. 

3. Pick up hours are during our regular library hours​

When you arrive at the library, call 413-357-8531 and your order will be brought out to you.


New Children's books

Don’t Miss Out

CLICK HERE for new children's books at the library and new books coming soon!

Girl in Library

New Adult Books

Stop By

CLICK HERE for new adult books at the library and new adult books coming soon!


Tails and Tales

2021 Summer Reading Program

More details next year!


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