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Policies and Plans

This policy covers how we choose books to add to the collection, which books to remove, and directions and forms for you to add input.

When it is snowing when do we close? Here is the answer!

Mission Statement:
From the past to the future, the Granville Public Library is a welcoming heart and a cultural
anchor of the town, bringing people together and enriching lives, by providing access to
knowledge, entertainment, history and recreation through books, media, and technology.
Vision Statement
To continue being a cornerstone of the community, where people of all ages come to a small,
quaint, historical building to remember our rich past, share current stories, access books, media
and other materials, discover new possibilities, and connect with each other through shared

As a member of the American Library Associations, we adhere to these, which states that libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that these basic policies guide our services.

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